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Security Cameras And Home Protection — 4 Comments

  1. Barry,

    Thank you for sharing this Security Cameras and Home Protection post my Friend.

    I have always been envious of James Bond 007 and now it looks like I can purchase many of the wonderful tools that He has been utilizing for years.

    The sunglasses spycam camera sounds very interesting as I believe that it could double as kind of like a GoPro camera for my fishing expeditions. Does it come in the Polarized version?

    Thank you Barry for sharing your expertise in our defense my Friend,


  2. It is great that came across your website and post about spy cameras and security cameras.
    Actually, I was thinking about this topic for some time. I just quit this idea because I thought that it is so expensive. As I see not at all.
    In fact, I need two types one for home security to see real picture in my iPhone distantly.
    Other be great to attach to my little son invisible when he is in kindergarten. Strange and unbelievable rumours from the kindergarten teachers whom I do not believe. Need to check.
    Thanks again as you gave me an idea.

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