The SIRT Training pistol from Next Level Training is something I have been using for a couple years. I enjoy using it because it has two laser beams that really help control your trigger action. This training tool is modeled after the Glock 17 and has the same weight and feel of the real thing. Even the training magazine is weighted to feel just like the real Glock.

There are two lasers built into the barrel. One is for the slack take-up and the other is for the trigger actually firing. When you take up the slack the 1st laser tells you the gun is ready to fire. The second laser is activated when the trigger is pressed to the point of firing. Then the red dot lands right where you aimed.

You can see any movement in the weapon as you press the trigger, and in this way you know if you are squeezing the trigger or pulling it. As you pull the trigger the laser dot moves with the motion of the hands. When there is no motion you will hit the target right where you aim. It teaches excellent trigger control.

The other advantage with this training aid is the fact that you don’t have to rack the slide to prepare for the next shot. The slide doesn’t move and the trigger resets itself when it is released. You can train and fire all day without stopping to reset anything. The slack release laser is set away from the target so it can be seen easily. Then the firing dot is adjusted to hit the target.

I have found this tool to be invaluable in the dry fire training that most of us do at home without spending anything for practice ammo. I haven’t been able to find any drawbacks with this tool because it just works. After using this gun for awhile,  your range time is greatly improved, and this means that your accuracy in an emergency situation will be better as well.

The Next Level Training Pistol comes in a hard blow-molded case, with safety glasses to protect from the red laser lights, one all plastic weighted magazine and an instruction manual. It is complete and ready to begin training as soon as it arrives.

NextLevel Training SIRT 110 Training Pistol, Zombie Green Polymer Slide, Red Laser,

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