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There is a new after-market product for Glock handguns. The new Glock Trigger Locks are called the SiderLock, from Lone Wolf Distributors. This locking mechanism puts a pin across the trigger behind the factory “safe action” release. When pushed from the left side, the pin blocks the release and won’t allow the trigger to be pressed. When you push the pin with the trigger finger, it moves out of the way and the trigger is released allowing the gun to fire.

As explained in the video, this add-on safety has to be disengaged with the trigger finger, forcing you to put your finger on the trigger before you intend to fire the weapon. This goes against the safety training we have all been through. “Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are prepared to fire the gun”. The next three videos will show the process completely. Please watch….

The next video is about the Glock “safe action” trigger that’s factory equipment on all Glock pistols. They are designed to be used without an external safety and are totally safe to carry every day in any properly made holster. The Glocks can be dropped from the roof of your house and won’t discharge unless the trigger is pressed rearward.

The next video shows a comparison of the Glock striker-fired handgun design and some other designs that do require an external safety.

My View

Trigger safeties have been on auto-loading pistols for a very long time, and also on some revolvers. The Glock “safe action” trigger design and “drop safe” features make them just safe as any other handgun on the market. There is no need to add any more to them. The whole purpose of carrying a gun for self-defense is to have it ready when you need it. An extra button to push before firing is another step to remember when the adrenaline is pumping and causing the fine motor skills to be diminished.

These new Glock Trigger Locks are something some people will want, but are really not necessary. If you agree with me, or not, please leave your comments below. They will be greatly appreciated.


Author, Barry Johnson

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