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Concealed Carry Insurance Reviews — 14 Comments

  1. Mr. Johnson. Many thanks for the information. It is making the selection process much easier. I do have a question: You point out that some plans are not ‘insurance’ plans. Are these plans then, less desirable and if so, why? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your interest. Some plans are simply reimbursement. You would have to put out the money yorself. Then if you win in court, the plan would pay a portion of your cost

  2. I’m considering USCCA Basic Silver.
    Is this adequate coverage ?
    Is there anything that you would say to advise me to only Get the PLATINUM.
    Thank You

    • Hi Linda. Thank you for visiting my website. To answer your question; adequacy is a matter of need or want. The platinum coverage is the most complete, but if you don’t need that much, then the basic silver could be “adequate” for you.
      Thanks again for your interest. I hope this helps.

  3. Hey Barry, great read. It looks like you lean strongly towards USCCA from the Comparison of Coverages charts anyway. Do you have experience with them? I live in Florida and there are just so many choices. I’m doing a lot of research, however, a good recommendation sure wouldn’t hurt. I’d like to get something ASAP.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Thanks for asking, Daniel. Yes, I do have some experience with USCCA. I have been a member for 5 years, and they respond very well to any concerns I have. I have not needed the coverage benefits yet, and hope I never will, but I’m confident in their genuine concern for my well being if the need would arise.

  4. I noticed you did not include a review on ‘Armed Citizens Legal Defence Network’. Can you provide any insights and/or include them in a future review?

  5. Hi Barry,
    In case you do not realize it, your website is flagged by some anti-malware as a dangerous site to visit. I think this is because you are being hosted on a non-secure (no HTTPS:) server. I clicked through the warning anyway, and am glad I did. Your site’s content is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

  6. Mr Johnson Thank you for ths great sevice. I really want to sign up for the USCCA. My usbamd and i both have lfetime CCA We Both take them ware ever we go. Does that mean id have to purches two memberships wth USCCA? Since its both of us who carry warever we go. Thanks.

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