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Concealed Carry Holsters — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Barry,
    I traditionally have used a kydex INWB holster for both of my carry handguns. I was using different versions for each carry both for a different feel as well as testing brands. I can’t seem to find one (tried 3 now) that is comfortable enough to carry full time.I am exploring leather options now but have been told that leather tends to be more difficult to draw your weapon from. Is there a kydex model you would recommend for a sub compact size .40 caliber? or any thoughts on leather? Appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    • Hi, Jason, and thanks for commenting.
      I would personally recommend the IWB holster from N82 (Nate Squared). The shell of the holster is made of acrylic plastic and the backing is a combination of neoprene and leather. It’s made for lasting comfort for all-day use. I can personally recommend this because I use one myself. It truly is comfortable all day. They are online order only so you can’t try one out (unless you know somebody that has one) but take my word for it. It’s one of the most comfortable IWB’s you’ll ever wear. And the draw is just as easy as the holster is comfy. Just a slight twist and it draws right out. See my review of it here; http://carryiwb.com/reviews/reviews-2
      Thanks again for coming.

  2. Thank you Barry for sharing such an inclusive and descriptive post on the many variations of Concealed Carry Holsters my Friend. I now feel much more qualified to decide upon which ones that I need to purchase and have available in my life. It is an honor to know and be able to come to a Friend’s website who is also an expert on defensive handguns and all involved as well.

    • Hi, Tony. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my article. I’m glad you found in informative. I would welcome any questions you may have about which holster to fit your needs. Call back anytime.

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