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Best Hand Guns For Women – For Self Defense — 2 Comments

  1. A very through break down on selecting the right hand gun for a woman, I have never owned a gun and it is quite a strict process to obtain one here in the UK even if we get the license we would not be allowed to carry it around with us in an every day situation, do you think that carrying a hand gun is something that is needed in today’s society and do many woman own a hand gun

    • Thanks for the comment, Katie. Yes, I think carrying a concealed handgun for self defense is necessary in this society. There has been too much violent crime against individuals, and the police can’t be everywhere. To answer your second question; FBI says almost 40% of concealed carry permits are held by women. You only hear anout the crime in the news, but what you don’t hear about is all the crime being stopped or prevented by responsible citizens with legally carried guns.
      Thanks again for your interest.

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