I have been an auto mechanic most of my life. As of late, I just left a 9-year career as a mobile tool salesman.

I started carrying a handgun at the age of twenty while I was in the military. As I traveled across the country alone I wanted to be able to defend myself against the unknown “scaries” that may threaten me.

At that time, I had my little Raven 25 in an IWB tucked away in my boot or waistband. I was concerned about carrying a concealed weapon but was more concerned about the ability to defend myself. So I carried.

Later in life, I moved from the “big city” to the somewhat open desert of southern California. MyHorse pic 2- barry email wife and I wanted to be horse people, so this was an obvious benefit to us.

As we were avid trail riders in the desert, there was a need to have a weapon with us for protection from any number of beasts in the wild. This was fine then because “open carry” was legal in California. I carried my Ruger Blackhawk in a western holster or my SP101 in a nylon belt holster.

When I became a mobile salesman, I found myself in some pretty rural areas of the desert with a very valuable cargo and quite a bit of cash. This was when I got more concerned about my safety and the legal aspects of carrying a handgun.

I wanted to carry concealed and the open carry laws in Ca. were about to change. So I jumped through the hoops to get a CCW. This is when I started to be more interested in what to carry and how to carry it. So I began buying more handguns and holsters.

Then when my wife and I moved over to Las Vegas to be near the rest of the family, I became a lifetime member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. I had gotten some training in the past with the military and other classes and manuals, but this training went far beyond anything I’d been through previously.

It’s amazing how many ways people have found to carry personal defense weapons. They say the holster is just as important as the gun you put in it. You will end up with a big box full of holsters for different needs and ways to carry. I sure did.

I even started to design my own holsters and make them out of Kydex at home. I have made a few for myself, but I still buy another one once in a while.

With this website, I hope to bring you some insight into what is out there and where to get it.  I’ll also try to give you up-to-date information on all aspects of carrying a gun for self-defense. If you have questions, please feel free to Contact me in the form below.

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